Getting background checks made easy

Getting background checks made easy

A background check makes a person’s social media accounts, current, and previous addresses, and even driving tickets available. You can use this information to determine whether you can trust someone caring for your family, business, or property. A reliable background check website will handle the rest; all you need to know is their name or phone number. You’ll gain access to a criminal history report and other details in ten minutes to help you choose whether you can trust them. One can access this at free background check sites.

Famous background check sites

Some of the most famous background check sites are:

  1. Truthfinder

One of the most thorough free background check sites is Truthfinder. Through its user-friendly interface, it offers reliable and accurate statistics. The website also includes in-depth instructions on how to use the background reports. It provides accurate, current information, including phone numbers and email addresses. This business does more thorough searches of public records and delivers the results in an easily understandable manner. This covers past geographic locations, educational background, social media accounts, assets, and coworkers.

  1. Intelius

Reverse phone and address lookups are among the services that Intelius offers that are comparable to Truthfinder. People reported finding missing friends and family members, and prospective employers were able to learn in-depth information about future employees’ educational backgrounds. Due to the company’s single report payment option, Intelius works well for first-time users that require background checks on just one individual. In contrast, many other services demand you pay an (often significant) monthly charge. Additionally, it is private, so you don’t need to be concerned about your search query becoming widely known.

Free Background Check Sites

  1. Instant Checkmate

Anyone searching for information such as arrest records, social media profiles, images, or someone’s contact details can use the user-friendly program known as Instant Checkmate.

Instant Checkmate, despite its name, is painfully slow. Numerous pointless warnings hinder the search functions. Apart from that, even novice users can easily navigate the interface.

Uses of background check site

To assist you in learning the truth about someone, a free background check service can offer information. An internet date, a family member, a friend, or even a neighbor can benefit from having their background checked for free. This should not be used for official business purposes but for informational purposes. You are not permitted to use the data to base a choice on tenant screening, insurance, employment, or consumer credit. It is prohibited to use the data from most free background check websites—not even for a nanny or landscaper—to make official choices because they aren’t FCRA compliant. It would help if you considered utilizing one of the top consumer reporting firms for those background checks (CRA).


Having up-to-date information about someone you frequently interact with might be very beneficial. Use a free background check website to ensure the individuals in your life are trustworthy if you suspect they are lying about their past. Online resources for free background material abound, particularly at the state level. For details, please refer to our state-by-state instructions above. Even a few federal sources are available for free searches.