The web is a huge and boundless world, where users can find a vast amount of content and information, some truthful and others not. The brand protection is designed to prevent people without qualms can create almost equal to your web sites and social pages, pretending to belong to your brand, in order to improperly use the brand name. The most subtle aspect of the matter lies in the fact that consumers and users may not realize the difference and run into deception, buying products or services with the belief that they are interfacing with the real brand protection specialist.

In this context, it is therefore absolutely essential to protect your brand from any problems. Protecting your image and name on the net is not easy but it is an essential activity for all companies that intend to plan and develop their web presence avoiding unpleasant surprises.

The brand contains all the characteristics of your company, your values ​​and your strengths, it is therefore necessary to take care of it and protect it.


How to defend your brand and Strengthen your brand identity,  the visibility of your distinctive signs on the net is part of the brand protection activities . It is nothing more than the implementation of solid strategies with the aim of protecting the brand on the network, preventing possible attacks by defamers, who could illegally use the brand and violate intellectual property, monitoring all information circulating on the internet.

It is therefore important to take care of Digital Brand Protection and study the best online brand defense strategies , protecting it from registration by third parties, from fraudulent or malicious activities that can seriously threaten the reputation of the brand.

The strategies to be undertaken can be very different from each other such as trademark registration or more specific monitoring activities on the network involving the brand name.

The first identifier of a digital reality is the domain, that is to say the web address through which it is possible to reach that particular reality online.

The choice and registration of the domain represent one of the main steps for the birth of a new digital brand.


After creating your digital identity, seeing it vanish for reasons not attributable to personal mistakes, certainly is not acceptable.

The reasons for adopting a strategy for your digital brand, therefore, are many. First of all, this activity allows you to help safeguard your brand from various types of online abuse such as cybersquatting, trademark infringement, brand-jacking, web traffic diversion, defamation on various digital channels and other fraudulent and unauthorized activities.