SEO Benefits: Reverse Engineering The Search Engine And Let The Show Begin!

SEO Benefits: Reverse Engineering The Search Engine And Let The Show Begin!

Seo acronym for search engine optimization refers to the techniques a website employs to boost visibility in search engine’s result. Search engine work on three basic steps: -crawling, storing and indexing.

Crawler is a program that crawls the web and store information in data centers for indexing. Storing data is called data mining and indexing is systematically ordering the data collected. A query processor, then algorithmically processes in which a person’s searched term is compared to the index and the results are presented to the person.

Seo relies on engines mechanism and utilization to gain higher ranks in the index. Seo are those little things that make big difference. The benefits include


Large enterprises invest a large amount in ptc (paid to click) websites to increase backlinks but for small enterprise seo are cost-effective, within their budget.

Create earning potential

Proper seo practices can top index your website, thus facilitating website traffic because most people settle on top results rather than tire themselves scrolling to the bottom of the page. The websites with more visitors attract companies to put their ads on, thus create earning potential.

Makes website well organized and up-to-date

Web crawler prioritizes links, contents and page structure. This compels developers to produce quality code with a proper keyword in tags, title, url and other meta /8 tags. Some of the activities are:

Robots.txt file is used to tell the crawl, the pages not to be crawled. Thus, increasing the crawl rate. It is saved on the root of the domain. Additionally, ensuring that it doesn’t prevent accessing high priority pages on the website such as JavaScript and css files. These things come under on-page seo methods. It refers to all the measures taken within the website to improve the ranking of a site.

Develops personality

When a site goes online, the prime objective of the enterprise or individual is to make the connection and attract as many visitors. They may turn into costumer. Off page optimization goes around seo, off your sites, outreach to the target audience through blog posts, vlog and social media.

This doesn’t only help you aware other about the website’s agenda but also develop personality through engagement in talks, forums, feeds.

Seo reciprocal is another way to obtain backlinks. It refers to creating a reciprocal link between two websites with mutual agreement or dependencies on each other’s service.

Stand out from the crowd

The recent estimation of websites on the internet is around 2 billion (source: internet live stats), though about 200 million are active. It is less than half of the active sites. But there’s a huge competition globally when only a part of the world is connected to the internet. Seo presents a chance to stand out from the crowd and starting early lets you a step ahead.


These are some benefits one gets doing seo. It takes a little effort but worth much more. It has evolved with search engines to better optimize it. Considering all of these benefits there’s no reason not to optimize it. Just reverse engineer the search engine and let the show begin!